Hello, Warriors of Glacial Realms!

Currently there is a 75% Sale server wide!

Monday was the release of the new Skyblock reset and it kicked off to a great start peaking at 60+ players within the first 30 minutes of release!

Thanks for all the support last season, Congratulations to the winners:

1st - @Killvirustech
2nd - @WolfiezRawr
3rd - @Sean

You can claim your Vouchers by messaging an Admin and letting them know what you would like from the Store.

During the recent reset for Skyblock we’ve published many new features to make your experience as the player more enjoyable and exciting, including, stackable spawners which work just like those over in factions.


Not only have we got stackable spawners, we also have upgradable hoppers and furnaces. Hoppers can be upgraded using in-game currency and experience levels and with this you also have Sync-Hoppers which allow you to connect the hopper to another hopper or straight to a chest.




With this reset the Economy has been overhauled and has had many changes including, making some items cheaper, some slightly more expensive, this has been done to balance the economy as previously it was slightly overpowered and allowed people to increase island levels rather quickly.

Finally another worthy instalment into this season is xpfly, where non-ranked player have the opportunity to use /fly at the cost of draining your exp.

Notable Mentions:

Island Values.
Buffed unused farms.
Balanced out the kits.
Complete Crate Overhaul.
Increased Avalanche4 cool down.
Re-done the island GUI + added island settings.
Ore Generators no longer relay on Island Levels.

Important information
Event: Block Escape
Date: Changed to Sunday April, 23rd
Time: 3PM Eastern Time

What the heck is Block Escape!?

The main goal of Block Escape is to avoid the blocks that will be falling on top of your head from the sky. There will be other players in the same arena as you with blocks falling on top of their head as well. You are allowed to kill other players by trying to make your falling blocks fall on top of them!

Things you should know
1. Do /spawn when you enter the event server to teleport yourself to the waiting room.
2. The first game of the event will be a test run so everyone will understand how to play.
3. An arena will not start unless there are 5 players in it.
4. If you would like to switch to a different arena, do /cr quit
5. Each of the 4 arenas will have 1 winner in each arena. Those 4 winners will then go head to head in the finale arena. The winner in that arena will be our first winner.
6. We will be having 3 games so there will be 3 winners!
7. When a person has won an arena it will say it in chat so there are no confusions :p
8. Event server will be open at 3:50PM Eastern and waiting room doors will open at 4:15PM Eastern.

Please choose only one server to claim your prize on!
(Contact an admin in order to claim your prize)

Skyblock (after reset)
500k in game money
2 iron golem spawners
20x hoppers
1 Frozen crate key

80k in game money
6 creggs
Kit grind
Kit snow

500bil in game money
5,000 tokens
1 Frozen crate key

KitPvp (after reset)
$700 in game money
Kit dragon


Hello, Warriors of Glacial Realms!

Currently there is a 35% Easter Sale on top of the already good sale of 45%!

To Redeem this Sale Use: EASTER2017 but hurry! Only a limited amount remain!

It’s been nearly 4 days since the Factions Reset and we’ve managed a steady 50+ players so far, peaking at around 90+ and we’re rewarding the 3 F TOP Winners with outstanding rewards totalling up to $1000

1st - $250 PayPal & $250 BuyCraft Vouchers

2nd - $100 PayPal & $200 BuyCraft Vouchers

3rd - $50 PayPal & $150 BuyCraft Vouchers

TNT & Raiding will be made available soon:


Thanks for all the support last season, Congratulations to the winners:

1st - Kappa: @Wet_Wizard
2nd - 300: Rioted
3rd - PizzaHut: @xMCxSkillsx

You can claim your Vouchers by messaging an Admin and letting them know what you would like from the Store.

During the recent reset for Factions we’ve published many new features to make your experience as the player more enjoyable and exciting, including, the 1.7 PvP feature and a newly updated anticheat feature which is accompanied
by an all new Spawner System that contains the following:



The new Spawner feature currently has a 5% off the buy price to mine any spawner you place with a 1 minute grace period to pick up your spawner incase you accidentally mis-click. With the limit we've set on spawner stacks you can currently stack up to 100 spawners. To mine a spawner individually from a stack you can just mine them as usual using a Silk Touch Pickaxe but if you'd like to collect the entire stack you are able to Shift+Click Mine.

Along with these new features we've updated the /f topgui allowing for a more dynamic...​
Hello, Warriors of GlacialRealms!

I am proud to announce that we have just won first place in one of the best advertisements!
Last year we bought a few smaller advertisements and it did wonders for our server, we hit nearly 300 players each time, and still had a lot to improve on even then. Followed up by this reset, we will be doing a Factions Reset (Skyblock will come at a later date) with a twist. There will be $1,000 in F Top Prizes including real cash split among the top three winners. Start getting your teams together!

Live Countdown for the Factions Reset & Advertisement: http://itsalmo.st/#grfactionsreset

Please suggest anything you would like to see in the next reset below (Skyblock & Factions).


Hello, Warriors of GlacialRealms!

I would like to start off by saying thank you to everyone who has continued to support us from the very beginning and welcome all new supporters, and you guys mean a lot! We have taken quite a hit over the past few months from all of the incidents, but we have since moved past that, and the only thing I am focused on is moving forward with GlacialRealms.

You can view all Live Updates in the Updates Channel in our Discord: http://GlacialRealms.com/discord
If you do not like using Discord, you can subscribe and receive updates from this thread: http://glacialrealms.com/forums/threads/updates-alerts.5500

Everyone experienced how well our previous advertisements did in the past, and I have decided to take out a loan to double up on advertisements back to back. This should give Glacial the boost it needs to help branch out into new opportunities for all of us and expand further. The main advertisement will start on April 17th and will last until May 30th, during this time I will be bidding for other advertisements along with getting some YouTubers started.​

Congratulations to the top Voters of March!
#2 pixelcode
#3 TobyMC
#4 xMCxSkillsx
#5 Loopyloade

All top voters receive $50.00 in Store Credit.
Youtuber Program

We decided that it isn't fair that only larger and well-known YouTubers are paid to record on the server, so we are introducing a way for smaller YouTubers to make a few bucks while enjoying what they do!

Q: What are the requirements if any?
A: The video must be at least 10 minutes in length, have at least 720p quality, and clear audio. If we deem the video isn't up to our standards, it will be denied. There are no subscriber count to upload. Removing a video after payment will have you permanently banned...