Hello Warriors of Glacial Realms!

This will likely be the last official announcement for two months as the Revamp is about to go underway, but rest assured we will not forget about you and we will be sure to provide you with updates on our progress regularly! All winners will be privately messaged!​

Top Donator:
@Nevermore - $75 | Prize: 50USD Store Coupon

Top Voter:
1. @EnderPie - 52 | Prize: 25USD Store Coupon

2. @Hiro_Wu - 49 | Prize: 20USD Store Coupon

3. @DrNinjaRainbowz - 49 | Prize: 15USD Store Coupon

Top Factions:
1. @Wet_Wizard - $2,805,186,860 | Prize: 150USD Store Coupon

2. @Rioted - $2,618,205,405 | Prize: 100USD Store Coupon

3. @Assurinq - $2,525,667,275 | Prize: 75USD Store Coupon

Top Islands:
1. @Killvirustech - 703,179 | Prize: 150USD Store Coupon

2. @CombatWombat010 - 579,861 | Prize: 100USD Store Coupon

3. @CosmicWolfiez - 407,124 |Prize: 75USD Store Coupon

As mentioned above this will be the last announcement for some time as we begin preparations to place the server into Whitelist Mode and we will forward the IP to our other network, Boosted Network. We have been reviewing replies to the thread and we have seen an uproar of players that are unhappy that they will not be able to hold onto their rank through the changes, sadly there is nothing we can do about this issue. All we can ask is that you, the player, try to bare with us through these changes as we try our very hardest to save the Community that we know and love, Glacial Realms.

Be patient Warriors, we will not forget about you and we shall provide frequent updates to...

Player Vote!
Sadly before I can get started into this Revamp, we've estimated it would launch August 15th, which is as we all know, two months and 5 days away. How-ever I'm allowing you the players to choose what we can do, keep in mind, that currently I am only one man, working on five other projects plus completing my final year of schooling along with my head developer. The choices are:
Option 1: Re-direct GlacialRealms to my second Network BoostedNetwork, for the release of our Custom Factions server on their until GlacialRealms is finished.

  • Active player base on BoostedNetwork for months, reaching close to 200 players some weekends.
  • Two high profile Youtubers one Greek and one English, which have been playing for several months.
  • Brand new custom factions release, with planned Youtubers to be released with, non-broken economy.
  • Keeps GlacialRealms players together as we're all still together on Boosted.
  • You will be testing and seeing some plugins and ideas which will be implemented to Glacial, therefore you can have your opinion on what you like and dislike, so we can make adjustments for Glacial's revamp.
  • We will be rewarding for /f top, /is top and /vote top how-ever the /f top and /is top prizes will be reduced to:
  1. 150USD Buycraft Voucher
  2. 100USD Buycraft Voucher
  3. 75USD Buycraft Voucher
  • These vouchers can either be redeemed on BoostedNetwork or GlacialRealms on release.
  • With this revamp, it will allow my developers and myself to spend time on Glacial without accidentally breaking things on a live server, or over-loading the server itself by overheating the CPU with more servers. Plus we plan to release GlacialRealms with two Faction Youtubers, two Skyblock...
Hello all,

So the past few months have been extremely hectic for me, Due to personal reasons, I have decided to step down from GlacialRealms. I will no longer be on my PC much anymore, If anybody wants to chat feel free to add my skype: live:cslattery77, I am truly sorry It has come to this, I was not on Glacial for very long, I enjoyed the time I had while it lasted.

"Live your life, Don't waste your days on the negative energy of others, Remember you're not your house, You're not your car, And no matter how big your bank account is, Your grave is six feet under, Just like everybody else's, So enjoy the days you have, Right here in this moment is all you're guaranteed." -Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

I love you all, Goodbye.

Hello, Warriors of GlacialRealms!
Thank you all for the support over the past month that Jack and I took over GlacialRealms, We thank you for the warm welcome and look forward to the future! :)

You can view all Live Updates in the Updates Channel in our Discord: http://GlacialRealms.com/discord

Congratulations to the top Donor of May!

@Nevermore has won a $50 store voucher
Congratulations to the top Voters of May!

@awsomeness1334 has won a $25USD store voucher
@xMCxSkillsx has won a $20USD store voucher
@JTGgamer has won a $15USD store voucher

Everyone's voucher has been mailed to them In skyblock :)

Thank you all for sticking with Glacial! Be sure to stay posted for more updates! :)

Important information
Event: PvP Maze
Date: Saturday, May 13th
Time: 4PM Eastern Time

What the heck is PvP Maze!?

The main goal of the PvP Maze is to find your way around the maze and find the exit, but it won't be so easy. The "PvP" aspect comes into play because there will be random chests scattered around in the maze, along with crafting tables in random locations. In these chests there will be items such as, iron ingots, diamonds, arrows, bows, etc. With these items, you are to find a crafting table and craft any survival items to help you fight your way through the maze. But be careful before someone kills you and steals your items :p

Things you should know
• As soon as you enter the event server you will be at the PvP Maze spawn
• The event will start when the fence gate doors are open
• When you die, you will lose all of your items and be teleported back to the spawn to start all over again ;)
• The first 3 people to find their way out of the maze wins!
‌• Spawn killing will not be allowed
• I can always generate a new maze for funzies if anyone is interested :p

Please choose only one server to claim your prize on!
(Contact an admin in order to claim your prize)

750k in game money
2 iron golem spawners
32x hoppers
1 Frozen crate key