Hello Warriors!

Update |

I hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas and celebrated your New Years in style! Now let us get right down to it, we will be processing all applications for Free Build (Creative), DJ (Discord) and Staff Applications on Friday 5th (US). For updates on server progress and giveaways join GlacialRealms.com/discord

Game-modes |

The main question we're being asked at the moment is when is Cannon, KitMap, HCF, and Prison, the answer is they will be rolling out over the coming months after we revamp our other Network BoostedNetwork on February 2nd. Currently, we're focusing on providing bug fixes and updates to our cores, which includes the implementation of new plugins, which will enhance your gameplay. Currently, we have over 50+ plugins on our to-do list, along with creating five new cores which will handle a bunch of new plugins.

Advertising + Donations |

We're very thankful for the large support you the players have shown over Christmas allowing us to reach 100% of our Server Donation goal in less than two weeks. With this large support we will be emailing a bunch of Top Youtubers ranging from 5k to 250k Subscribers seeing if any of them will be willing to record on Glacial this season, plus we will be using this money to revamp GlacialRealms forums, which includes implementing over 24 XenForo add-ons, to link your forums account to Discord, Twitch, Steam plus your Minecraft Account, to sync your rank. We are also going to use those donations to extend our contract with our builders so they can finish off the rest of the maps for us to use on Glacial.

Season Rewards |

So this season we're going to...

Hello, warriors!

As you all know, it has been several months since the last update regarding GlacialRealms’ 2.0 release, and that our previous beta session unfortunately failed. Since then, we have continued to pour countless hours into building up Glacial’s reservoir of custom plugins. The predominant reason for our delay is due to having to make significant changes and deviate from our original plan. While we sincerely regret having to keep you in the dark, we would like to officially state that we have almost completed our redevelopment of the server’s core.

In essence, we are ready for a full release.

A fresh start means that we can add almost anything we want to - sky’s the limit! With never before seen versions of Skyblock, Factions, Creative and more, and a staff team working round-the-clock to provide us with nothing but the best, you’re sure to find something that was worth this wait.

Before we get into the new elements of the network, we would like to take a moment to formally and sincerely apologise for the long wait and lack of communication. We did not handle this aspect as well as we should’ve done, and didn’t realise just how much we were taking on when we took over the network. If we could go back and change our decisions, we would’ve made sure that you were far more informed than you were. Please bear with us while we strive for a new, stable, transparent future.

Added Features:

  • Brand new spawn.
  • Four new bosses, courtesy of @AMinecraftDev. We plan on expanding this to its full potential in the future, and you may even be able to make it into your own minigame.
  • Custom spawners (helps reduce lag)
  • Fully Custom Enchants

  • Brand New Spawn
  • Custom Warzone
  • Fully Custom Enchants
  • Daily Rewards - /dailyrewards
  • Pvp Events - Koth, Koth Outpost, Envoys

  • Brand New Spawn and Road Design
  • Massive...

Warriors of Glacial Realms!

The Revamp of Glacial Realms is now at our doorstep. Over the course of about two months, we have been put to work to create a new revamped server to satisfy our Warriors so they can once again continue and battle on as they once did before. We are going to provide you right now with some insight of what we have in stock, including release dates.


How does the beta work? Okay so this is a public 7-21 Day beta, starting on the 18Th August, Countdown: https://countingdownto.com/countdown/glacialrealms-2-0-release-18-august-2017-countdown-clock-0 When it hits zero, we will be opening the server to the public, after the 6-7 days, we will shut down the server and reset everything, this beta is to test out the new economies and the new custom plugins, as there are so many of them. What are the benefits of playing Beta? Well simply it's just to help out the server, a majority of the suggestions that we get at beta release will be deeply thought over and passed onto our developers, who have been working constantly to produce such a unique server. However, if you find a game breaking glitch, you will receive a Buycraft GiftCard. Due to such a heavy overhaul of the current system, we're unsure if Prison, KitMap or Cannon will be ready for Beta or Release, as we've been heavily working on Glacial's main servers which are Factions and Skyblock.

Due to recent revelations, we've been forced to use Buycraft as our location to find peoples ranks not a Pex File, like Swift used, so if you ever purchased a rank upgrade or a rank through /buy you will receive that like normal on the release. We will not be accepting screenshots of old ranks and perks, if you believe you purchased a rank but you did not receive it, private message me your receipt number and I'll contact SwiftSwamp on behalf of you, to try sort of...

Important information
Event: PvP Maze
Date: Saturday, May 13th
Time: 4PM Eastern Time

What the heck is PvP Maze!?

The main goal of the PvP Maze is to find your way around the maze and find the exit, but it won't be so easy. The "PvP" aspect comes into play because there will be random chests scattered around in the maze, along with crafting tables in random locations. In these chests there will be items such as, iron ingots, diamonds, arrows, bows, etc. With these items, you are to find a crafting table and craft any survival items to help you fight your way through the maze. But be careful before someone kills you and steals your items :p

Things you should know
• As soon as you enter the event server you will be at the PvP Maze spawn
• The event will start when the fence gate doors are open
• When you die, you will lose all of your items and be teleported back to the spawn to start all over again ;)
• The first 3 people to find their way out of the maze wins!
‌• Spawn killing will not be allowed
• I can always generate a new maze for funzies if anyone is interested :p

Please choose only one server to claim your prize on!
(Contact an admin in order to claim your prize)

750k in game money
2 iron golem spawners
32x hoppers
1 Frozen crate key
Hello, Warriors of Glacial Realms!

Currently there is a 75% Sale server wide!

Monday was the release of the new Skyblock reset and it kicked off to a great start peaking at 60+ players within the first 30 minutes of release!

Thanks for all the support last season, Congratulations to the winners:

1st - @Killvirustech
2nd - @WolfiezRawr
3rd - @Sean

You can claim your Vouchers by messaging an Admin and letting them know what you would like from the Store.

During the recent reset for Skyblock we’ve published many new features to make your experience as the player more enjoyable and exciting, including, stackable spawners which work just like those over in factions.


Not only have we got stackable spawners, we also have upgradable hoppers and furnaces. Hoppers can be upgraded using in-game currency and experience levels and with this you also have Sync-Hoppers which allow you to connect the hopper to another hopper or straight to a chest.




With this reset the Economy has been overhauled and has had many changes including, making some items cheaper, some slightly more expensive, this has been done to balance the economy as previously it was slightly overpowered and allowed people to increase island levels rather quickly.

Finally another worthy instalment into this season is xpfly, where non-ranked player have the opportunity to use /fly at the cost of draining your exp.

Notable Mentions:

Island Values.
Buffed unused farms.
Balanced out the kits.
Complete Crate Overhaul.
Increased Avalanche4 cool down.
Re-done the island GUI + added island settings.
Ore Generators no longer relay on Island Levels.