Hello, Warriors of GlacialRealms!

I would like to start off by saying thank you to everyone who has continued to support us from the very beginning and welcome all new supporters, and you guys mean a lot! We have taken quite a hit over the past few months from all of the incidents, but we have since moved past that, and the only thing I am focused on is moving forward with GlacialRealms.

You can view all Live Updates in the Updates Channel in our Discord: http://GlacialRealms.com/discord
If you do not like using Discord, you can subscribe and receive updates from this thread: http://glacialrealms.com/forums/threads/updates-alerts.5500

Everyone experienced how well our previous advertisements did in the past, and I have decided to take out a loan to double up on advertisements back to back. This should give Glacial the boost it needs to help branch out into new opportunities for all of us and expand further. The main advertisement will start on April 17th and will last until May 30th, during this time I will be bidding for other advertisements along with getting some YouTubers started.​

Congratulations to the top Voters of March!
#2 pixelcode
#3 TobyMC
#4 xMCxSkillsx
#5 Loopyloade

All top voters receive $50.00 in Store Credit.
Youtuber Program

We decided that it isn't fair that only larger and well-known YouTubers are paid to record on the server, so we are introducing a way for smaller YouTubers to make a few bucks while enjoying what they do!

Q: What are the requirements if any?
A: The video must be at least 10 minutes in length, have at least 720p quality, and clear audio. If we deem the video isn't up to our standards, it will be denied. There are no subscriber count to upload. Removing a video after payment will have you permanently banned...
Prepare yourselves everyone! It’s Time for another GlacialRealms Building Event!

The event will take place on Saturday, March 25th on the event server from 1pm - 4pm EST. There is no set theme for this event however anyone with a build based off a environment type theme will not be counted to give other players a better chance (all winners last time won with that themed build). There will be a number of staff online at the time of the event to help out, look at builds and just enjoy the creative builds made by you!

Things you should know:
Type /plot auto once you join the server to claim yourself a plot, staff will help anyone who struggles with claiming a plot.
All players will have access to the following: WorldEdit, VoxelSniper and the /i command (to give yourself items).
The schematica mod is not allowed and any player who is caught using it will be immediately disqualified.
Anyone who is plagiarising will also be disqualified from the event and possibly.
Teaming will not be allowed.

If you require further assistance please message an Event Manager either in-game, on the forums or on discord, we will try our best to answer any questions you may have to ensure you have a great time!

As per usual, there will be prizes for this event however the prizes will go to the top three builders, staff who were online for the event will decide amongst themselves who the top three builders are, the prizes for this event will be:


2 Iron Golem spawners
1 Endermite spawner
1 million IGM
A Frozen Crate Key


500 blocks of obsidian
16 creggs
3 enderman spawners
500 thousand IGM

2,000 tokens
150bil in game money
4x multi sell boost (Personal)
1 Frozen crate key

Kit PvP
Kit dragon
$750 IGM
1 Frozen crate key

In first place, The_Chosen_1s


Get yourselves ready for another event!

Event: Maze
Time: 3PM Eastern Time
Date: Saturday, March 18th

We're back with another event but this time we decided to switch it up a bit and do something else! This time we are doing a maze. The first 3 people to complete this maze will be rewarded the prizes that will be listed down below. Since this is a mini event, the prices will not be as great as most events. Everyone should already know what a maze is and what to do in a maze but in case someone doesn't know, a maze has a bunch of paths designed to be like a puzzle or challenge in which one has to find their way out!

Please choose only one server to claim your prize on!
(Contact an admin in order to claim your prize)

1 Iron Golem spawner
1 Endermite spawner
32 hoppers
200k in game money
1 Frozen crate key

2,000 tokens
50bil in game money
4x multi sell boost (Personal)
1 Frozen crate key

1 Iron Golem spawner
2 Enderman spawners
250 obsidian
10k in game money
1 Frozen crate key

Kit PvP
Kit dragon
$550 in game money
1 Frozen crate key


Hello and I hope everyone's enjoying the reset, I'm sorry that these posts have taken so long to create, I have been taking a break away from everything for a bit. Please remember to post all bugs and suggestions in the proper forum.

Congratulations to the top Voters of February!

#1 - dutchman1000
#2 - arty_the_animal
#3 - KingpinPsyduck
#4 - outshine
#5 - bjbourque

All top Voters receive $50.00 in Store Credit.

Congratulations to the top Players of the last Season!
Sorry for taking so long, everyone will get an additional $20 in Store Credit for the inconvenience.

Skyblock Top Balances:
KillVirusTech - $1,182,824,547
#2 xxxTylerxxx - $563,371,112
#3 Sammmmmmmm - $221,021,849

Skyblock Top Islands:
TryHards - Level 827,539
Leader: xxxTylerxxx
Members: KillVirusTech, Sammmmmmmm, Trimzr, CombatWombat010, KingpinPsyduck, CondensateTribe, pieguy936

#2 404IslandNotFound - Level 275,695
Leader: BuffySummers
Members: YourNewDaddy, K0T, Mesmerism

#3 NoLifers - Level 205,173
Leader: WolfiezRawr
Members: Frost_GR, Hamm3rtimes18, RedBull_GR, Cosmic_Fyre, Sean_GR, articoreo123, iTzJexy

Factions Top Balances:
RoBiN01-NL - $249,198,210
#2 Timpust_Rainzz - $206,632,303
#3 Shatting - $194,412,672

Factions Top Factions (/f top)
Unfortunately due to the old plugin, I was unable to pull the actual f top worths exactly.
#1 Tripiix
#2 xMcxSkillsx
#3 CombatWombat010

Prison Top Balances:
Pumbs - $661,770,314,598,530
#2 WolfiezRawr - $380,819,448,635
#3 KingpinPsyduck - $339,772,014,497

Prison Top Blocks Mined:
Pumbs - 33,273,879 Blocks Mined
#2 WolfiezRawr - 26,242,676 Blocks Mined
#3 KingpinPsyduck - 23,413,814 Blocks...​

Welcome back to another Event announcement thread. To start with, you might be wondering why I was brought back onto the staff team. I was put back in my position to manage events, keep the community satisfied, and administrate at the best of my abilities. I’ll be working with the event managers to create weekly events for you guys.

The events we are going to host on the 5th of March 2017 are The Dropper, TNTRun, and Pixel Games. We hope you enjoy these events, after awards and the events are over there will be a poll added to this thread and you can vote for your favourite event so we can repeat these events in future.

The Dropper –

There is one main objective, you free fall through the map to reach the bottom, where you click a button to go to the next level. The first player to successfully fall through all different levels wins.

TNTRun –

TNTRun is a game where you run around in an arena. Whilst you’re in a round the blocks beneath your feet disappear, there are few layers within the arena. If you fall into the void you will die (which is the final layer), the aim is the last one to survive wins.

Pixel Games -

(Coded by Mannyyy)

Pixel Games is a unique gamemode that combines two popular game modes, SkyWars and SurvivalGames. You start on your island with another player in your game each on their own island. you have two tier 1 chests on your island. these chests contain armour, weapons and possibly golden apples. your objective is it kill everyone else before they kill you. To navigate round islands you have golden plates which are jump lads, these will launch you into the air making it easier for you to jump from island to island. In the air you will see some blimbs, these contain tier 2 chests which have iron armour and better weapons. But make sure you don't fall off, that'll make you lose too! Last one to survive...