By TheJackLC on Jun 16, 2017 at 5:28 AM
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    Hello Warriors of Glacial Realms!

    This will likely be the last official announcement for two months as the Revamp is about to go underway, but rest assured we will not forget about you and we will be sure to provide you with updates on our progress regularly! All winners will be privately messaged!​

    Top Donator:
    @Nevermore - $75 | Prize: 50USD Store Coupon

    Top Voter:
    1. @EnderPie - 52 | Prize: 25USD Store Coupon

    2. @Hiro_Wu - 49 | Prize: 20USD Store Coupon

    3. @DrNinjaRainbowz - 49 | Prize: 15USD Store Coupon

    Top Factions:
    1. @Wet_Wizard - $2,805,186,860 | Prize: 150USD Store Coupon

    2. @Rioted - $2,618,205,405 | Prize: 100USD Store Coupon

    3. @Assurinq - $2,525,667,275 | Prize: 75USD Store Coupon

    Top Islands:
    1. @Killvirustech - 703,179 | Prize: 150USD Store Coupon

    2. @CombatWombat010 - 579,861 | Prize: 100USD Store Coupon

    3. @CosmicWolfiez - 407,124 |Prize: 75USD Store Coupon

    As mentioned above this will be the last announcement for some time as we begin preparations to place the server into Whitelist Mode and we will forward the IP to our other network, Boosted Network. We have been reviewing replies to the thread and we have seen an uproar of players that are unhappy that they will not be able to hold onto their rank through the changes, sadly there is nothing we can do about this issue. All we can ask is that you, the player, try to bare with us through these changes as we try our very hardest to save the Community that we know and love, Glacial Realms.

    Be patient Warriors, we will not forget about you and we shall provide frequent updates to the Discord and the Website.


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