Hello Warriors,

Update |
We'd like to first thank everyone for staying around on Glacial, I know quite a few of you left for Glacial's Sister Network, however I'm grateful for the ones who've stayed, since the player base is quite low there's no point hiding it, once we've finished with our Cores (AMinecraftDev has gone away for 14 days, and doesn't have internet) we will give Glacial it's final run, this time we will be releasing 100% bug free with TESTED cores, which was the major issue last time that we had never tested them in a real world environment with 50+ players. We plan on having at least 3-4 Youtubers with above 20,000 Subscribers and 2500+ views per video, we also plan on getting a trailer made and other similar ideas to try boost Glacial's popularity before the release.

Many of you may not know this but only recently @AMinecraftDev installed a Suggestion Bot into Discord, which we've been actively using plus created a #changelog channel, where we've been posting every single change we do to Glacial, we feel this system is a lot cleaner and easier to inform you the players. However with this being said it is up to you the players to actively check it as we're not tagging @everyone due to the severe amount of changes which can occur daily, especially when we might revert a change, or continuously update it which leads to the original message being deleted. (I will be personally pushing out about 10+ changes easily over the next 48/hrs when I update Glacial to be running the latest plugins and add some new features)

To Start the month of March off we're hosting a 82.5% off Network Wide Sale! Plus we're going to be hosting six giveaways on Discord and one on Twitter, with more to come in the weeks to come! Also if you were wondering, every single Factions issue we were experiencing with /f who and /f map plus other similar commands...

Hello Warriors!

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The passing on January marks a proper month that GlacialRealms 2.0 has been online for. This has been a bumpy ride as we predicted, but sadly the player count has declined which wasn't expected to happen so heavily, especially with the amount of money we poured into Youtube advertisements. At the moment, we're reaching out to more well-known English Youtubers who have experience in bringing players to servers like GlacialRealms. Our current plans for February include bug fixes and content updates, with a massive patch arriving onto the servers within the coming days. Now lets get down to business with Top Donor and Top Voter of the month. Sadly, /votetop was messed up this season with Voting link 1 being reset by the website and us changing Voting link 5 at the start of the month, however every statistic we're using was grabbed directly from the website by @CombatWombat010.

Top Donor: (/buy)

@CMO__Ratchet has won a $50USD store voucher

Top Voters: (/vote)

@rileymarley has won a $25USD store voucher
@Mythical534 has won a $20USD store voucher
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Important Event Information:
Event: Factions Raid Event
Date: Saturday, January 27th
Time: 9 AM Eastern Time
Reward: You'll have to be the first into the base to find out :)
Hello Warriors!

Hope you have all been enjoying your time on GlacialRealms thus far.

Finally, after a long wait we are bringing you the the first event of GlacialRealms 2.0! This event is targeted towards all of our diehard factions players out there, as it is a raid event. For all who do not know what that is, it is a base we have created, that is full of OP items for the first team who is able to cannon into the base. For more details on what you will find inside, you better be the first ones in, as we want it to be a big surprise for those who can be the fastest to raid this base. We hope you will all join us for this event, whether you are an active factions player on Glacial or not, and have an amazing time. The base's location has not been announced yet, and will be released closer to the time of the actual event.

What does this mean for those of you who do not play factions?

Just because you do not play factions does not mean there will not be any events for you to partake in on Glacial, it just means you will have to hold on tight while we continue to work on other events (which will come sooner than you think :p). Our last event manager WolfiezRawr had started an event for you all, but due to her resignation events were put on the back burner until now where I along with other members of the staff team have begun to work on events for you all to enjoy. Just a hint for all of you wondering, our next event may or may not include aspects of building :)

Hope to see you all there!
GlacialRealms Staff Team

Hello Warriors!

Update |

I hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas and celebrated your New Years in style! Now let us get right down to it, we will be processing all applications for Free Build (Creative), DJ (Discord) and Staff Applications on Friday 5th (US). For updates on server progress and giveaways join GlacialRealms.com/discord

Game-modes |

The main question we're being asked at the moment is when is Cannon, KitMap, HCF, and Prison, the answer is they will be rolling out over the coming months after we revamp our other Network BoostedNetwork on February 2nd. Currently, we're focusing on providing bug fixes and updates to our cores, which includes the implementation of new plugins, which will enhance your gameplay. Currently, we have over 50+ plugins on our to-do list, along with creating five new cores which will handle a bunch of new plugins.

Advertising + Donations |

We're very thankful for the large support you the players have shown over Christmas allowing us to reach 100% of our Server Donation goal in less than two weeks. With this large support we will be emailing a bunch of Top Youtubers ranging from 5k to 250k Subscribers seeing if any of them will be willing to record on Glacial this season, plus we will be using this money to revamp GlacialRealms forums, which includes implementing over 24 XenForo add-ons, to link your forums account to Discord, Twitch, Steam plus your Minecraft Account, to sync your rank. We are also going to use those donations to extend our contract with our builders so they can finish off the rest of the maps for us to use on Glacial.

Season Rewards |

So this season we're going to offer Buycraft rewards to /f top and /is...

Hello, warriors!

As you all know, it has been several months since the last update regarding GlacialRealms’ 2.0 release, and that our previous beta session unfortunately failed. Since then, we have continued to pour countless hours into building up Glacial’s reservoir of custom plugins. The predominant reason for our delay is due to having to make significant changes and deviate from our original plan. While we sincerely regret having to keep you in the dark, we would like to officially state that we have almost completed our redevelopment of the server’s core.

In essence, we are ready for a full release.

A fresh start means that we can add almost anything we want to - sky’s the limit! With never before seen versions of Skyblock, Factions, Creative and more, and a staff team working round-the-clock to provide us with nothing but the best, you’re sure to find something that was worth this wait.

Before we get into the new elements of the network, we would like to take a moment to formally and sincerely apologise for the long wait and lack of communication. We did not handle this aspect as well as we should’ve done, and didn’t realise just how much we were taking on when we took over the network. If we could go back and change our decisions, we would’ve made sure that you were far more informed than you were. Please bear with us while we strive for a new, stable, transparent future.

Added Features:

  • Brand new spawn.
  • Four new bosses, courtesy of @AMinecraftDev. We plan on expanding this to its full potential in the future, and you may even be able to make it into your own minigame.
  • Custom spawners (helps reduce lag)
  • Fully Custom Enchants

  • Brand New Spawn
  • Custom Warzone
  • Fully Custom Enchants
  • Daily Rewards - /dailyrewards
  • Pvp Events - Koth, Koth Outpost, Envoys

  • Brand New Spawn and Road Design
  • Massive...