Hello, today I am going to announce the release of OP Prison 1.0, There are many custom features on the new prison server and this also comes along with new ranks, ranks on prison will be separate on prison. The new ranks are Elder, Knight, Lord, King, and Emperor. We have spent a lot of time working on prison and we hope you are going to enjoy it. We have all-new never seen before plugins on the new prison including Bombs, Drugs, and Trees! The server will release on November 11th, Saturday 12PM CST.
BALTOP 1 - $200 Buycraft
BALTOP 2 - $100 Buycraft
BALTOP 3 - $50 Buycraft
Hello, we did not formally announce the rewards for this season and here I would like to do so.
Skyblock Island Top:
1st 200USD Buycraft
2nd 100USD Buycraft
3rd 50USD Buycraft
As Factions was not really a complete map I have decided to only give a small reward to the top faction. This will however be changed next season as I have tried to fix it and make the server playable.
Faction Top:
1st 75USD Buycraft
Hello, another long awaited update. I would just like to inform you that we are heavily looking for EU/AUS staff currently to help in that timezone, this does not however exclude the people in the US, we will still be looking for people there still as well. You can apply here. @ChaoticPuppetry will be focusing heavily on these applications because this is her timezone, @Breathlessly will also be promoted to Senior Admin to assist us in the US and so we have a Senior Admin in both time zones, the helper trial was over and here were our conclusions.
@xXkammyXx has been demoted
@WhtTiger has been demoted
@xMCxSkillsx has been promoted onto Moderator, Congrats!

Sell Wand on Skyblock
We have added sell wand to skyblock with the help of @AMinecraftDev , We are currently unsure of how we would like to release this, we don't know if it should be something like kit keys and be purchasable in game or if we are going to limit this to a buycraft-only item.
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Hello, today i'm going to update you all on KOTH, we were recently informed that players believe the loot obtained at KOTH is too low, and while some players have disagreed that the items should not be buffed we believe that upping the rewards will improve PvP, we were then told that skyblock is skyblock and not pvp for a reason and that players spend so much money on boosted and they want the best items. The reason we have chosen to disagree with this is because there is really no point in having the armor if it is not going to be used. This change should take effect next restart.​

Sharpness 5 > 7
Fire Aspect 3 > 0
Looting 3 > 4
Unbreaking 4 > 5
Sharpness 5 > 7
Fire Aspect 3 > 0
Looting 3 > 4
Unbreaking 4 > 5
Protection 5 > 7
Unbreaking 5 > 6
100K > 200k
God Apples:
32 > 64
Also decreased % from 60 > 50​
I want to first start off by saying how sorry I am for keeping you guys in the dark, I would just like to update you all and I will try to do this more frequently like every week or so, a lot of you were wondering who Byte was and why Astro isn't owner in discord and that is just because Astro is currently focusing on school and he is trying to do all the behind the scenes work, he simply does not have time to deal with discord and the forums which is why I am owner on them and as for Byte he will no longer be with us he is focusing on schooling aswell and decided to part ways because of his lack of inactivity. @NetflixFeelings has been working on Factions & Prison for the past two weeks which we are very excited to announce the reset of those soon. Throughout the last week I've been trying to focus on bugs for skyblock like the kits being messed up with vanilla enchants, etc. and I will be fixing the xp issue that is going on right now.​