Hello, Glacinners!

We've finally launched the server everyone's been waiting for, go... go... go...!!!

How To: Get Started:
After you login, you'll be present at our spawn which you can check out below. Once here you're going to want to think of a unique Faction name that's tailored to your awesome personality. After you've thought up of something, you'll want to type /f create <faction-name-here>.. Once that's done you should set the description with the following command; /f desc <faction-desc-here>. Now of course no Faction is complete without some land, try typing /wild to find some uninhabited land to take control over and build your first base (Yes, first... you probably will be destroyed countless times!). After you have found some land that looks good enough to control, type /f claim to claim the piece of land you're standing in, you can also view all of the other helpful commands with /f help. Good luck on your adventures!

Let's check out another fantastic spawn!
Hello, Glacinners!

We have just released Creative and it's now live, all bugs that were at the launch have since been fixed.

You can head over to our Voting tab on the forums to vote for 6 hours of WorldEdit & VoxelSniper

How To: Get Started:
After you login, you'll be present at our spawn which you can check out below. Once here you're going to want to grab yourself a plot to start building, you can do so by typing /plot auto (Alias: /p auto) or finding an unclaimed plot you like, standing over it and then typing /plot claim (Alias: /p claim). After you've done that you can start building immediately but wait... there's more! You can grab yourself the ability to WorldEdit & VoxelSniper for 6 Hours per vote with almost no limitations!

The rank Frost receives 7 Hours of WorldEdit & VoxelSniper when voting.
The rank Ice receives 8 Hours of WorldEdit & VoxelSniper when voting.
The rank Arctic receives 9 Hours of WorldEdit & VoxelSniper when voting.
The rank Blizzard+ receives WorldEdit permanently and 10 Hours of VoxelSniper when voting.
The rank Glacial receives VoxelSniper permanently.

Let's check out this beautiful spawn!

That's right! Glacial Rush has been released, and the battle has already begun! Get ready for massive battles, and strategically fought fights to capture the snowy lands. Unlock new weapons and abilities to really customize your loadout to be more effective at specific situations over others.

Be sure to let us know how you like it! (Click)

Packed with Content
Not only do we have plenty of weapons, abilities, upgrades, and runes available for use on the battlefield, but the included resource pack is also packed with sounds and important textures for all of the weapons. It is important that you accept the resource pack, you wont be able to play without it.

How to play
Glacial Rush is a pretty large minigame, and there are plenty of different things to do. The basic rule of thumb goes as follows 1) If a player has different colored armor than you, KILL THEM 2) If a capture point (colored glass beacons) are different than your color, CAPTURE THEM (stand near them) 3) You can change your loadout, and do other things within your inventory. Press e, and click on loadout.

Any loadout changes will apply to your inventory after death (or use /respawn)
Keep in mind that all information about Glacial Rush is constantly being added to the wiki, along with a tutorial youtube video by me sometime in the near future.

What are you waiting for? Go grush up the place and wreck everyone in sight!

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to Glacial Realms!

Where Warriors Become Champions!

Skywars & Factions are next!

Minigame Testing:
Missile Wars is live!
Grush (Glacial Rush) is currently live! Packed full of never before seen content and features that's exclusive to GlacialRealms!

If you're a player from FadeCloud, your ranks and kit purchases will transfer over.

Rank Conversions:
Iron => Frost
Gold => Ice
Diamond => Arctic
Emerald => Blizzard
Obsidian => Glacial

Donor => Ice
VIP => Arctic
MVP => Blizzard
Platinum => Glacial

Kit Conversions:
Darkknight => Frostbite
Miner => Frozen
Guardian => Dragon

Server IP: GlacialRealms.com

Note: Please be aware that the server is in Beta and while we don't plan on being in Beta for more than a week, try to bare with us :)

Best Regards,
GlacialRealms Staff