Omni Wins!

Thanks everyone for participating in this live event! Be sure to check the live stream and more! If you have content on this live event, let me know and ill add it in here! We're happy to see that everyone enjoyed the battle today! We plan to do events like these every Saturday sometime in the future!

That Said, congrats to Omni for prevailing and killing everyone while holding defenses and capturing territory. However having this many people with so much going on at once, there has to be some imbalances. That is why we have created a form for anyone who wants to fill out. This form is oriented in finding out what everyone thinks should be buffed or debuffed.

Here's the exciting post everyone's been waiting for!

I've went half on an Advertisement for the popular Minecraft Voting Site for Slot #1:
Based on previous statistics and with our current population, we're expecting 200-300+ during the ad, hopefully even more based on how well we can maintain player retention and we'll be looking to the community for tons of support / ideas / feedback with a lot of our up coming features and content.

The Advertisement will be running from October 2nd ~ October 17th.

Factions & Skyblock will be officially released and reset on October 2nd.

Much Love,
GlacialRealms Staff
Prepare yourself for a massive battle with staff, and everyone who wants to join the fight. The event is scheduled for 1pm EST on Saturday the 17th this weekend. There will also be a live stream. We highly encourage you to either play and join the teamspeak chat as it goes on, or simply watch the live stream by MashStars

Be sure to RSVP This event if you are showing up!

See you in battle!​
Welcome Glacianeers!

2 days ago, we started a poll on if you would like a TeamSpeak event and what you would want it to be. We got a lot of feedback and we came to the conclusion that we are going to be holding a karaoke event on 11th of September at 5:00pm EST/ 9:00pm GMT.

The event will take as long as it has to and will be hosted by the admins and the person who came up with the idea, @Mannyyy.

The best part is you can win prizes from having the courage to sing and doing an ok job. If you don't want to sing you don't have to! It's completely up to you.
Some prizes include:
And more!

To sign up either comment your TeamSpeak name below or turn up and message a staff member and let them know you want to perform.

We already have a few staff members lined up who want to take part. And maybe, just maybe we can get Swift involved.

Hope to see you there!​
Hey everyone, we've just added six new starter islands to pick from, if you'd like to view them in-game visit SwiftSwamp's island (/is warp SwiftSwamp).

New Islands:
Nether - A Nether Themed Island
End - A End Themed Island
Glaciers - A Glacial Themed Island
Snow - A Snow Themed Island
Swamp - A Swamp Themed Island
Tropical - A Tropical Themed Island