Get yourselves ready for another event!

Event: Maze
Time: 3PM Eastern Time
Date: Saturday, March 18th

We're back with another event but this time we decided to switch it up a bit and do something else! This time we are doing a maze. The first 3 people to complete this maze will be rewarded the prizes that will be listed down below. Since this is a mini event, the prices will not be as great as most events. Everyone should already know what a maze is and what to do in a maze but in case someone doesn't know, a maze has a bunch of paths designed to be like a puzzle or challenge in which one has to find their way out!

Please choose only one server to claim your prize on!
(Contact an admin in order to claim your prize)

1 Iron Golem spawner
1 Endermite spawner
32 hoppers
200k in game money
1 Frozen crate key

2,000 tokens
50bil in game money
4x multi sell boost (Personal)
1 Frozen crate key

1 Iron Golem spawner
2 Enderman spawners
250 obsidian
10k in game money
1 Frozen crate key

Kit PvP
Kit dragon
$550 in game money
1 Frozen crate key


Hello and I hope everyone's enjoying the reset, I'm sorry that these posts have taken so long to create, I have been taking a break away from everything for a bit. Please remember to post all bugs and suggestions in the proper forum.

Congratulations to the top Voters of February!

#1 - dutchman1000
#2 - arty_the_animal
#3 - KingpinPsyduck
#4 - outshine
#5 - bjbourque

All top Voters receive $50.00 in Store Credit.

Congratulations to the top Players of the last Season!
Sorry for taking so long, everyone will get an additional $20 in Store Credit for the inconvenience.

Skyblock Top Balances:
KillVirusTech - $1,182,824,547
#2 xxxTylerxxx - $563,371,112
#3 Sammmmmmmm - $221,021,849

Skyblock Top Islands:
TryHards - Level 827,539
Leader: xxxTylerxxx
Members: KillVirusTech, Sammmmmmmm, Trimzr, CombatWombat010, KingpinPsyduck, CondensateTribe, pieguy936

#2 404IslandNotFound - Level 275,695
Leader: BuffySummers
Members: YourNewDaddy, K0T, Mesmerism

#3 NoLifers - Level 205,173
Leader: WolfiezRawr
Members: Frost_GR, Hamm3rtimes18, RedBull_GR, Cosmic_Fyre, Sean_GR, articoreo123, iTzJexy

Factions Top Balances:
RoBiN01-NL - $249,198,210
#2 Timpust_Rainzz - $206,632,303
#3 Shatting - $194,412,672

Factions Top Factions (/f top)
Unfortunately due to the old plugin, I was unable to pull the actual f top worths exactly.
#1 Tripiix
#2 xMcxSkillsx
#3 CombatWombat010

Prison Top Balances:
Pumbs - $661,770,314,598,530
#2 WolfiezRawr - $380,819,448,635
#3 KingpinPsyduck - $339,772,014,497

Prison Top Blocks Mined:
Pumbs - 33,273,879 Blocks Mined
#2 WolfiezRawr - 26,242,676 Blocks Mined
#3 KingpinPsyduck - 23,413,814 Blocks...​
I currently push most of the small changes, alerts, and additions to our Discord channel.
However, not everyone uses Discord, so I have decided to post all of those updates here as well.​

NOTE: Unless it's urgent, anything I post may not take effect until the scheduled reboots at 5:00 AM Eastern. Please wait for reporting any bugs related to something that was mentioned until then.

Discord Channel: http://GlacialRealms.com/discord
Media: http://GlacialRealms.com/forums/media

Server IP: GlacialRealms.com
Welcome to another informative post, Glacial!

I deeply apologize for the delay with the Essay's, there were a lot more submitted than expected and the staff helping me ran into some issues with available time as I did myself but none the less, congratulations to the winner!
You can contact me either Skype or via PM for further details on how to redeem your $100.00 USD.

Essay Winner: @CosmicPyrex


Have you ever thought about how when it's Christmas time and snow is falling? Well here's some reasons why Christmas is the best.

First off, Christmas is a time of hanging out with family and wearing scratchy sweaters, no doubt. But think of all the activities that you can do or that are available. I'll start off with Ice Skating and Skiing. Yeah if you play hockey your going to skate a lot but isn't it fun grouping up with your family and cousins and having some fun on the rink? Once you get the hang of it it's pretty fun! Now, don't like being able to slip or fall on hard ice? What about soft snow! Skiing is a almost tradition for our family and it's one of the traditions I like the most. Going up somewhere like troll hogging or another skiing "resort".

Second, the food! Have you ever had a Christmas party or been to one? If so you'll know what I'm talking about. Even though you may have to wear one of grandmas ugly knitted sweaters that itch you have a big reward. Food. Whether it be Christmas cookies or warm pie from the oven. Now don't get me wrong, not saying that the regular food isn't good either.

Lastly, you can't forget the gifts. I know Christmas for many is about Jesus' birthday and all but you can't forget about the gifts! After you open your gifts don't you spend the rest of the night playing with them? Come on, tell me you DON'T. Finding ways to incorporate everyone in playing with their toys.

All in all, Christmas is very special for everyone who...

Happy New Years everyone! I hope everyone had a blast in 2016, make sure to grasp life and kick it in the butt! 2017 only awaits bigger and better things for all of you, take your previous and past experiences and learn from them instead of letting it get you down, just remember you're not alone and everyone has rough patches in their lives, it's perfectly okay!

to the top voters of December!

#1 - ShootyEzzinq
#2 - xXDeadMarkXx
#3 - KingpinPsyduck
#4 - ArcticaWolf
#5 - ImOlaf

Let's start off this KitPvP Reset with the Top Players!

(Only Top Levels and Balances are Rewarded with Vouchers, you can redeem your Credit Vouchers on KitPvP)

Top Balances:
CombatWombat010 - $33.218
#2 xMCxSkillsx - $20,140
#3 0ky - $15,140

Top Kills:
Bazwick - 2,005 Kills
#2 yonene - 1,729 Kills
#3 PlzCi - 1,643 Kills

Top Deaths:
MineCraftYolo - 997 Deaths
#2 Bazwick - 918 Deaths
#3 kristiyan2009 - 914 Deaths

Top Streaks:
yonene - 309 Kills
#2 Clockinq - 304 Kills
#3 Trimzr - 287 Kills

Top Levels:
yonene - Level 21
#2 Trimzr - Level 20
#3 Sean_GR - Level 19

Top Scores:
yonene - 17,880
#2 Trimzr - 15,974
#3 Clockinq - 9,891​

What was reset for KitPvP?
  • Player Data
  • Player Inventories
  • Player Enderchests
  • Player Vaults
  • Top Balances / Scores
  • Auctions
What's new this reset?
  • Whole New Map (Thanks @xPyroTex)
  • Entire New Gameplay Experience (Special Thanks @Jett)
  • Complete Crate Revamp
  • Complete Kit Revamp
  • A complete /shop revamp
  • No More Bows
  • Rank Multipliers have...