Welcome to probably one of our most awaited posts!

Let's start off with what is Icing?
Icing in short is the name we've given the plugin that deals with anything regarding Cosmetic related functions on the server, however we've decided to also throw the new Skilling System into it as it's mainly just a numbers game (in short). The Skilling System is Network Wide and is jam packed with loads of skills and abilities. There's currently 18 different skills to train with each Skill having it's own targeted abilities to level up and choose from.

How does it work:
You can type /sk or /skills to bring up the interface to view all of your current skills, however you will only be able to view skills you started progressing in. If you've never killed anything before you probably won't see anything to do with Combat. Every 1,024 Experience earned will grant you 1 Shard. Shards are useful for unlocking and leveling up Abilities. You can also type /x stfu to turn off the messages.Typing /x will also show you some text based information.

Current Skills:
  • Archer - Get Ready, Aim... AND Fire!
  • Axes - Get your Axes ready
  • Butcher - It's time to slaughter some Cows!
  • Combat - Only the finest Warriors can achieve this skill!
  • Construction - You'll need to be able to build better than a Wooden House to train this one!
  • Enchanting - Upgrade your favorite weapon the old fashion way, it's rewarding!
  • Excavation - I wonder if we'll find any gold today...
  • Farming - Automatic farms are a thing of the past.
  • Fishing - Nothing like some good old Fishing to pass the time...
  • Heavy armor - I feel... tired.
  • Light armor - I'm so fast!
  • Miner - Oh boy, Diamonds!
  • Smelter - I can't wait to make this new Sword!
  • Stealth - Shh, they can hear me.
  • Swords - I Can Swing My Diamond Sword Sword
  • Taming - My kitty is so cute.
  • Unarmed - I wish I had a...
Hello, Warriors!

Bringing you another quick update, straight from @IBG_Nova
He's been working hard to ensure everything was ready in time for the release.
This is an additional Pixelmon Server on top of his current Pixelmon v4.3.0.
You can get to the servers in one of two ways, use the compass to direct connect to one of his Pixelmon Servers and or use the Hub Selector to connect to the Pixelmon Hub

Here's a few changes since the v4.3.0 server:
  • Rebalanced Economy
  • Rebalanced Crates
  • Rebalanced Kits
  • More Balanced Store and less Pay2Win
  • Completely fresh map
Hello, Warriors!

Here's a quick update, 1.11 was a pretty massive addition to Minecraft, however we are now supporting 1.11!
You can now login with the following versions 1.8, 1.9, 1.10 and/or 1.11!

Checkout what Mojang has done with 1.11: http://www.mojang.com/2016/11/seek-out-the-exploration-update-111-on-pc-mac-now/

Now Supporting 1.11!

Please understand that 1.11 was just released and we recommend against using it.

Much Love,
GlacialRealms Staff Team
Hello Warriors of GlacialRealms!
Prison has been released, this reset was focused on pure balance.
I'm proud to say that while making this post, there's already 60+ players on Prison, nice!

Some key factors to point out during this reset:
  • Completely revamped Rank Prices (Special thanks @Ash)
  • Completely new Sell Prices
  • New Fortune System
  • Nerfed Backpack Prices
  • Nerfed Powerbomb Parameters
  • Nerfed Lightning
  • Nerfed Token Amounts in Mines
  • New PvP Kit (Cooldown is every 30 minutes)
  • New PvP Mine (Special Thanks @xPyroTex)
  • Revamped Crates
  • Revamped /voteshop rewards
  • Revamped Pickaxe Kits
Congratulations to the Following Top Players of Beta Prison!
Top Mined Blocks:
Pubstompables - 99,584,512 Blocks Mined
] xxxTylerxxx - 43,285,912 Blocks Mined
[X] TimeTheGuyMc - 36,439,534 Blocks Mined

Top Balances:
[X] Pubstompables - $7,576,377,870,556,766
[X] Hamm3rTimes18 - $2,146,033,223,154,068
[X] 50ShadesOfEpic - $1,306,901,297,884,607

Please refer to this thread for your Rewards: http://glacialrealms.com/forums/threads/top-player-rewards.2150/
A new multiblolock structure has come out, and its about time! The new smeltery is essentially a fast, and large furnace which can accept any custom amount of inputs and outputs! You can customize it to however you need! However this multiblock structure is a bit more complex to explain, so i have created a small video building it and using it. Enjoy!