Welcome back for another quick update Warriors!

I just want to start off by wishing everyone a huge thank you for those that continued to vote on the server despite the recent dip in players due to the announcement of the reset, we were still hitting roughly 200 votes per day, that's just truly amazing to see (We receive more than 5,500 Votes on each Voting Site for November!).

Thanks to some bidders not playing for their advertisement, we are now currently live on Minecraft-Server-List with Slot #7!

The long awaited reset for both Skyblock & Factions is here!
The recent resets have all been focused on balancing the economy / server for a more thrilling game play. There will be a lot more changes throughout the week as we continue to receive live feedback from everyone. I'm also surprised that so many of you enjoyed our Multilblock Structures, there were more than 400 structures built among the few servers!
Skyblock Reset Highlights:
  • Shop Balance Revamp​
  • Balanced Crates (Chances have been adjusted, more items coming!)​
  • Small Limitations on the amount of major Tile Entity Items (Hoppers, Spawners, Redstone, etc)​
  • Merged both Skyblock North & South into one​
  • Reworked the Ore Geneator, much more balanced now.​
  • Increased Island Sizes from 150x150 => 200x200 with a distance of 600 inbetween Islands (I wonder..)​
  • Lowered Maximum Amount of Players from 12 => 8 per Island​
  • You're now limited to a maximum of 4 Custom Enchantments per Item​
  • Anything on a Island belongs to the Island Owner except for spawners​
  • We introduced Spawner Locking, if you're kicked off an Island you can retrieve your Spawner by looking at it and typing the command: /breakspawner (Alias: /bs)​
Hey Warriors, just making a quick update to inform you we got a slot for Minecraft-Server-List (MCSL) this Month!

We were going to initially split so we could have a higher budge so that means we only get 2 weeks out of December, however we worked out a deal so we get 1 week at the start of December (Which means we're resetting with an Ad) then at the end of the December (To finish off the New Year!). Thank you so much everyone, I really do appreciate all of the support we have been getting, let's finish off this year with a Big Bang!

Much Love, Swifty & The GR Staff Team

Welcome back everyone! Yes it's that time again, yet another TeamSpeak Karaoke!

This event will consist of an hour or so on TeamSpeak where you can show off your talent! If you think you're not the best singer, why not just sign up anyway! You could be better than you think and the objective is to have fun!

You can sing any song you like, as long as it is appropriate, or you can sing as a group with some friends. If you wish to have a staff member play the music for you, please contact @Mannyyy (Event host for this karaoke event) and he will get things sorted with you.

If you wish to enter you can comment below with your IGN, TeamSpeak IGN, who you are going to do this with, which song, and if you need music played for you. Or you can turn up on the night and poke a staff member to be given talk power. Any soundboards/screamers will be dealt with appropriately.

Like always, there will be prizes for who the staff team feel put in the most effort/who they feel deserve it.

Prizes are as followed (You can pick what server you want the prize on):

Personal 5x Booster (1hour)
Global 4x Booster (30mins)
2500 tokens
$500 Billion

Skyblock (After Reset):
$100,000 In-Game Money
8 Cow Spawners
16 Diamond Blocks
16 Emerald Blocks

Factions (After Reset):
$200,000 In-Game Money
2 creeper spawners
2 blaze spawners

If none of the prizes interest you, you have the option to choose a $25.00 BuyCraft Voucher

After the amazing participation of everyone who came out and sang their hearts out with effort and spirit, here are your Glacial Realms TeamSpeak Karaoke event winners!

1) BuffySummers
2) Yung Gud
Both of these winners can select a prize and message an administrator on the forums saying...
Hello everyone, it's getting close to the end of the year and I'm sure we can all agree on that it's time for a reset. Even though GlacialRealms has only been open for a few months, we've already done and gone through so much. I've never seen a more interactive Community than GlacialRealms, I mean come on, just look at our Site Statistics. We have added in a butt load of Content, fixed countless bugs and have held multiple events.

Information Regarding To The Reset
We're going to be splitting the MCSL Advertisement with a good friend of mine as any place on the ad this month is going to be 3x the cost. Thanks to @Pysche we've gotten in contact with a relatively large YouTuber that'll also be working with us: https://www.youtube.com/user/ibxtoycat
The exact reset date will be November 30th at 5:00 PM Eastern. Live Countdown: http://itsalmo.st/#skyblock&factionsreset

Skyblock Highlights
  • Complete Shop Revamp / Balance (Gearing more Towards a Balanced Eco instead of one being more profitable)
  • Revamped Crates (Making them better but yet certain items more rare)
  • Limitations on the maximum amount of Hoppers, Spawners, etc... allowed per island (Will have a decent rate but those that like to abuse the crap out of it will be more encouraged to have other money making methods as well)
  • Additional free kits that are only for Members to help settle the imbalance when vsing Donor Kits
  • Merging both Skyblocks and removing Skyblock2 (We resolved all lag issues that resulted in our initial reasoning behind splitting)
  • Nerf the chances of ores along with ore prices
  • Lowering the maximum amount of players per Island
  • Increasing Island Sizes
  • Max Limit of how many Enchantments you can have per item
  • Add more things to use Experience on
  • Changing the rule regarding adding items to an Island, anything you contribute to an Island...
Welcome to probably one of our most awaited posts!

Let's start off with what is Icing?
Icing in short is the name we've given the plugin that deals with anything regarding Cosmetic related functions on the server, however we've decided to also throw the new Skilling System into it as it's mainly just a numbers game (in short). The Skilling System is Network Wide and is jam packed with loads of skills and abilities. There's currently 18 different skills to train with each Skill having it's own targeted abilities to level up and choose from.

How does it work:
You can type /sk or /skills to bring up the interface to view all of your current skills, however you will only be able to view skills you started progressing in. If you've never killed anything before you probably won't see anything to do with Combat. Every 1,024 Experience earned will grant you 1 Shard. Shards are useful for unlocking and leveling up Abilities. You can also type /x stfu to turn off the messages.Typing /x will also show you some text based information.

Current Skills:
  • Archer - Get Ready, Aim... AND Fire!
  • Axes - Get your Axes ready
  • Butcher - It's time to slaughter some Cows!
  • Combat - Only the finest Warriors can achieve this skill!
  • Construction - You'll need to be able to build better than a Wooden House to train this one!
  • Enchanting - Upgrade your favorite weapon the old fashion way, it's rewarding!
  • Excavation - I wonder if we'll find any gold today...
  • Farming - Automatic farms are a thing of the past.
  • Fishing - Nothing like some good old Fishing to pass the time...
  • Heavy armor - I feel... tired.
  • Light armor - I'm so fast!
  • Miner - Oh boy, Diamonds!
  • Smelter - I can't wait to make this new Sword!
  • Stealth - Shh, they can hear me.
  • Swords - I Can Swing My Diamond Sword Sword
  • Taming - My kitty is so cute.
  • Unarmed - I wish I had a...