Rule Example Punishment
Mentioning another server "Wanna play Arcane?" Warn

30m Mute

If in PM then no action is taken
Spamming "DASBDSADA" Warn

30m Mute
Racism "WHAT'S UP N*GGER" -ER: 3 day mute

-A: day mute
Death Threats, Promotion, Suicide Threats "KILL YOURSELF" Warn

30m Mute
Inappropriate Name "SUCKAD*CK" Perm Ban
(Appeal once changed; result in unban)
Server Flame "This server is sh*t" Warn

30m Mute
(Before mute you will be spoken to)
Inappropriate Links "" 3 Day Mute
IP Grabber or Virus (+ Links) N/A Perm ban (Staff will inform Admin+)
Hack Threats "I'm gonna dox you" Usually results in perm ban.
(However staff need to check with Admin+)
Player/Staff Impersonation "WombatCombat" Warn

30m Mute (+Nick Removal)

If a user continues to abuse, they'll have /nick permanently removed.
Scamming IRL Money N/A Perm Ban
(Admin will hold proof)
Hacking Hacked Client Perm Ban
Illegal Modifications (Regarding Glacial Rules) 1st Offense: 2w Ban

2nd Offense: Perm Ban
Inappropriate Builds Building a penis, etc. 3 Day Ban + Plot Wipe
(PVP) Exploits Ledge PvP, /ah while in combat, tp killing (however doesn't apply to factions) 30m Ban

1-3 Hour Ban

1 Day+ Ban
Ban/Mute Evading Using a method to avoid your punishment (e.g. alt) Transfered amount of punishment to the account evading
Illegal Trades Trading non-glacial products for Glacial products 30m Mute

1-3 Hour Mute

1 Day+ Mute
Griefing Destroying another users build without permission 1 Day Ban

1-3 Day Ban

3 Day+ Ban