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    I'm going to keep this short and simple really, as we've been keeping everyone updated through Discord lately, with over 400+ Discord Members. Last post I created was focused on Easter and our custom TacoSpigot Fork which is in development, sadly the main developer we hired for that project has gone MIA, on not just us but numerous other customers, so we've been significantly pushed back, however @AMinecraftDev has taken it upon himself to find and work with the correct developers to get it done before the 10th of May, the "Mob Stacking" part is already complete which is the major part of the project. Once this custom TacoSpigot Fork is installed and running correctly, we're going to begin implementing some of our drastic changes to GlacialRealms, we're currently in the middle of typing up our plans and pitching them to investors, to help us bring GlacialRealms to the next level, currently the plan consists of over 30+ pages of plugins, advertisement ideas and contacts with numerous Youtubers.


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