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    Happy Easter Warriors,

    | Update
    As you all know, GlacialRealms has not had the most active player base over the last month or so, and we are currently working on a fix for this as said in our last update post. I know it may seem like we have given up on Glacial, but that is not true at the moment. We are currently working on Perfecting our Skyblock & Factions cores as to make sure that there are no problems upon re-releasing Glacial, returning it back to its former glory. We have the contacts of multiple larger YouTubers who will be able to record for us and bring players to this server. For all those of you who have stayed and continued to play on Glacial in this low period, we are very thankful and glad you are still enjoying the server. We are currently having our own TacoSpigot Fork being developed to enhance our server along with other options in order to lower lag and other issues that you may have noticed. We're also running five giveaways on Discord and a 50USD Store Giftcard giveaway via our Twitter account: finally I'd like to state that GlacialRealms is still constantly being worked on this is shown via the #changelog channel on our Discord Server. Stay tuned for more announcements to come!

    Special mentions to @CombatWombat010 who wrote the above paragraph.


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