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    Hello Warriors,

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    We'd like to first thank everyone for staying around on Glacial, I know quite a few of you left for Glacial's Sister Network, however I'm grateful for the ones who've stayed, since the player base is quite low there's no point hiding it, once we've finished with our Cores (AMinecraftDev has gone away for 14 days, and doesn't have internet) we will give Glacial it's final run, this time we will be releasing 100% bug free with TESTED cores, which was the major issue last time that we had never tested them in a real world environment with 50+ players. We plan on having at least 3-4 Youtubers with above 20,000 Subscribers and 2500+ views per video, we also plan on getting a trailer made and other similar ideas to try boost Glacial's popularity before the release.

    Many of you may not know this but only recently @AMinecraftDev installed a Suggestion Bot into Discord, which we've been actively using plus created a #changelog channel, where we've been posting every single change we do to Glacial, we feel this system is a lot cleaner and easier to inform you the players. However with this being said it is up to you the players to actively check it as we're not tagging @everyone due to the severe amount of changes which can occur daily, especially when we might revert a change, or continuously update it which leads to the original message being deleted. (I will be personally pushing out about 10+ changes easily over the next 48/hrs when I update Glacial to be running the latest plugins and add some new features)

    To Start the month of March off we're hosting a 82.5% off Network Wide Sale! Plus we're going to be hosting six giveaways on Discord and one on Twitter, with more to come in the weeks to come! Also if you were wondering, every single Factions issue we were experiencing with /f who and /f map plus other similar commands should be resolved within 48 hours! If not please PM me on Discord ASAP, and I'll try get that sorted out.


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