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    Hello Warriors!

    Update |

    I hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas and celebrated your New Years in style! Now let us get right down to it, we will be processing all applications for Free Build (Creative), DJ (Discord) and Staff Applications on Friday 5th (US). For updates on server progress and giveaways join

    Game-modes |

    The main question we're being asked at the moment is when is Cannon, KitMap, HCF, and Prison, the answer is they will be rolling out over the coming months after we revamp our other Network BoostedNetwork on February 2nd. Currently, we're focusing on providing bug fixes and updates to our cores, which includes the implementation of new plugins, which will enhance your gameplay. Currently, we have over 50+ plugins on our to-do list, along with creating five new cores which will handle a bunch of new plugins.

    Advertising + Donations |

    We're very thankful for the large support you the players have shown over Christmas allowing us to reach 100% of our Server Donation goal in less than two weeks. With this large support we will be emailing a bunch of Top Youtubers ranging from 5k to 250k Subscribers seeing if any of them will be willing to record on Glacial this season, plus we will be using this money to revamp GlacialRealms forums, which includes implementing over 24 XenForo add-ons, to link your forums account to Discord, Twitch, Steam plus your Minecraft Account, to sync your rank. We are also going to use those donations to extend our contract with our builders so they can finish off the rest of the maps for us to use on Glacial.

    Season Rewards |

    So this season we're going to offer Buycraft rewards to /f top and /is top players only, these rewards will be redeemable at any point with a sale lower than 70% but may include a Youtuber Discount Code. We're not doing PayPal as we honestly would prefer to re-invest donations into new Youtubers and advertising, which donations are meant for. Only one faction can claim per position, we will be checking Faction join and leave logs, to prevent factions from claiming all three rewards.

    Faction Top:
    1st 300USD Buycraft
    2nd 150USD Buycraft
    3rd 75USD Buycraft

    Skyblock Island Top:
    1st 300USD Buycraft
    2nd 150USD Buycraft
    3rd 75USD Buycraft

    Top Donor: (/buy)

    @Asparky has won a $50USD store voucher

    Top Voters: (/vote)

    @Reenacted has won a $25USD store voucher
    @_Deniro_ has won a $20USD store voucher
    @XxTedBot27 has won a $15USD store voucher

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