Skyblock Mob Coins.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gaminq, Jun 24, 2018.

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    The best part of grinding, mob coins allow the player to gain other in-game items like "crate keys". But the best part of grinding just got nerfed, in result, there has been a mini-uproar by the community. I personally believe there was no need to take out the lucky key and lower the rates of mob coins. The reason for this is there were other ways to fix this problem. For example, bring the rate of ranks lower instead of 10% which I'm guessing was the most likely cause of the nerf. Putting up the rate of worse items like boosters and fragments could combat this. Now you may be thinking but that's bad for the people who buy the key with irl money, well lower the price or give more keys. Please listen to the community and add it back.

    If any suggestions put down below, also +1 or -1 <3.
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    I definitely agree. There were many methods to resolve this issue and this one isn't perfect, but was a good quick fix.

    I suggest bringing the rates back, and instead of it giving a Lucky key, giving a legendary key as the name implies.
    1+ and Thank you for the suggestion mate! I much appreciate it!
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    As far as I know, Mobcoins are back and no longer nerfed. Having this thread locked, ty for the suggestion!
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    I agree with some of this, but not the Lucky Key part. I think taking the lucky key out was a good idea, but nerfing the mob coins chances was a bad idea.
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    So true, Getting mob coins is so hard

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