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    Hello, Warriors of Glacial Realms!

    Currently there is a 75% Sale server wide!

    Monday was the release of the new Skyblock reset and it kicked off to a great start peaking at 60+ players within the first 30 minutes of release!

    Thanks for all the support last season, Congratulations to the winners:

    1st - @Killvirustech
    2nd - @WolfiezRawr
    3rd - @Sean

    You can claim your Vouchers by messaging an Admin and letting them know what you would like from the Store.

    During the recent reset for Skyblock we’ve published many new features to make your experience as the player more enjoyable and exciting, including, stackable spawners which work just like those over in factions.


    Not only have we got stackable spawners, we also have upgradable hoppers and furnaces. Hoppers can be upgraded using in-game currency and experience levels and with this you also have Sync-Hoppers which allow you to connect the hopper to another hopper or straight to a chest.




    With this reset the Economy has been overhauled and has had many changes including, making some items cheaper, some slightly more expensive, this has been done to balance the economy as previously it was slightly overpowered and allowed people to increase island levels rather quickly.

    Finally another worthy instalment into this season is xpfly, where non-ranked player have the opportunity to use /fly at the cost of draining your exp.

    Notable Mentions:

    Island Values.
    Buffed unused farms.
    Balanced out the kits.
    Complete Crate Overhaul.
    Increased Avalanche4 cool down.
    Re-done the island GUI + added island settings.
    Ore Generators no longer relay on Island Levels.
    Added /disposal guide command.

    New Owners:
    As some of you have noticed, TheJackLC has the Owner Rank, this is true. With my new career advancement that I deserve and want more than anything, I won't have as much time for Glacial as it needs. @TheJackLC is a good friend of mine (and @Herbi) who started a network called BoostedNetwork, they knew next to nothing when starting and I helped them from the beginning. They learned and grew faster than I could have ever expected and they do a fantastic job. They are people I trust to continue running Glacial as is and growing it even more. I am sure they will do a fantastic job. Now this doesn't mean I am just going to vanish and disappear, I'll still be here, just not nearly as much as I am right now and that's why they're taking over. I know some won't respect this decision but if I don't do this, Glacial will die.​
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