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    Hello Everyone
    I'd like to officially announce that @AMinecraftDev and I will be stepping down as "Network Owners" of both BoostedNetwork and GlacialRealms. I'd like to say it has been a great journey with all of you, I've learnt so much however it is my time to leave as the final founder of BoostedNetwork, I still remember when it use to run on my Computer as a test server, when I assisted larger networks. Sadly over the past few years I've lost interest in Minecraft and have only been running BoostedNetwork/GlacialRealms to keep the community alive, I lost all aspect of "Fun/Joy" and it turned into more of a job, which wasn't my aspect. However giving control we will see BoostedNetwork turn around and continue to head in a positive direction, instead of it having it's usual up and down periods. I'd like to personally thank everyone whose been around since the very start it's been a great journey and we wouldn't be here without all your generous donations and support. @AMinecraftDev asked me to include the following "I'm sad to be leaving the server, but it's for the better as I was personally losing interest, and it's definitely better that the new owners take over compared to us continuing to work on it, as they are interested in it, and they can bring it back to life, as well as making it better."

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